Clickable Areas


You need at least Rakugo 3.2.1 for this.

Prepare Scene

  1. Crate new 2D scene or open one to which you want to add clickable areas.

  2. Add MouseBody2D Node to scene

Crate Clickable Area

  1. Add AreaButton2D to scene

  2. Add sprite to it if needed

  3. Use CollisionPolygon2D to define clickable area


  1. Should change name of AreaButton2D to more meaning full (In this example I changed it to name to Head)

  2. Extend AreaButton2D script

  1. Now content it to pressed signal

  1. Edit Script as you want in _on_<NodeName>_pressed function

extends AreaButton2D

func _on_Head_pressed():
	pass # Replace with function body.

For example if you have Dialogue node attached to this AreaButton2D you can start dialogue like this:

extends AreaButton2D

func _on_Head_pressed():